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Fiona Cochrane graduated from Monash medical school before following her passion - film. She took courses and worked on film crews, learning her trade as continuity person, first assistant director and production manager before taking on roles as director and producer.

With children to look after she found it easier to work as a producer, and has produced low-budget independent Australian feature films such as Holidays on the River Yarra (1991) which was selected for the ‘Un Certain Regard’ Section of Cannes Film Festival, and Nirvana Street Murder (1990) as well as numerous documentaries and short films.

Her main interest however has always been directing and for the last 10 years or so she has been trying to primarily direct (or direct and produce) both on dramas and on documentaries. In 2007 she made a feature-length intimate observational documentary called Rachel: A Perfect Life which premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, and in 2008 she completed an ultra low-budget feature film called Four of a Kind which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival.  In  2009 she completed the music documentary Music of the Brain, followed by a feature length music documentary Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese Falcon in 2011, and another music documentary 25 Tracks in 2016.  A 50 minute personal documentary about her colleague dying was completed in 2014 - All In Her Stride, and an educational feature documentary Women Are The Answer (shot in India) in 2015. All of her films have screened internationally at numerous festivals and won an array of awards (listed later).

She is currently completing 3 documentaries, and is also working as a producer with her other company Jungle Pictures along with animator Dennis Tupicoff.