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A look at the most bizarre and riveting group of international sporting champions
you’re ever likely to meet - the Australian Women’s Tug of War team .
An unusual bunch of women competing in an unusual sport, they each have a personal struggle behind their quest for gold as they take on the world at the 2001 World Games in Japan.
Featuring Yvonne Bradford, Meredith Gill, Corinne Doherty & Brian Doherty.

Writer - Dolly Adamson
Director - Fiona Cochrane
Producers - Fiona Cochrane & Melanie Guiney
Editor - Zbigniew Friedrich
Cinematographer - Craig Lucas
Sound - Suzi Lucas & David Harrison
Music includes The Models and The Black Sorrows.

Produced with the assistance of ABC-TV, the PFTC, and Film Victoria.
Gold Remi Award at 2003 Worldfest Houston (USA)
Certificate of Merit at 2002 INTERCOM Film & Video Competition (USA)
Honourable Mention at 2002 CHRIS Awards (USA)
Bronze Certificate of Merit at 2003 Prix Leonardo Int. Film Festival (Italy)

2003 New York screening by Ohio Independent Film Festival (USA)
2003 Palm Beach International Film Festival (USA)
2003 International Family Film Festival (USA)
2003 Myhelan Indie Film Festival (USA)
2002 Naked Eye Documentary Festival (USA)
2002 Female Eye Film Festival (Canada)
2002 Sidewalk Moving PictureFestival (USA)
2002 Ohio Independent Film Festival (USA)
2002 Festival der Nationen (Austria)
Sport Movies & TV 2002  (Italy)
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