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Four people – each of whom has battled with cancer, one still living with a terminal diagnosis - experience the transformative power of self-expression as they create an opera based on their personal stories.

This therapeutic process is a world first, and is documented as it unfolds under the guidance of talented music therapist Emma O’Brien (from the Royal Melbourne Hospital) and the creative team of a respected opera company.
Mary Doggett-Williams, Dianne Graham, Lisa Kanidiadis & Bruce McCulloch
Emma O’Brien – music therapist/composer
David Kram – musical director of the opera.

Editor – Sioux Currie
Cinematographer – Joe Ghoukassian
Sound – Jonathon Lee & Nigel Derricks
Writer /Director – Traicee Evison-Griffith
Producer – Fiona Cochrane

Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission & SBS Independent.
Silver Plaque at the 2006 HUGO Awards/ Chicago International Film Festival
(in the category of Documentary: Arts/Humanities)
Best Documentary Feature at the 2006 Independents’ Film Festival (USA)
Winner of the Chris Statuette in the Arts category at the 2006 Chris Awards (USA)

Screened on SBS-TV on November 10th 2005.
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